December 18, 2017

Forgot to mention— Samba earned both her Advanced Jumpers and Advanced Snooker titles this weekend. So 5 Qs, 4 1st places, and 2 titles, and clean run in biathlon jumpers for a Master’s Challenge Q. Not bad little bear.


Brittany Arbogast:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_1467746489999766 Brittany Arbogast

Heather Moldovan:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10215934412980000 Heather Moldovan

Sara Remley Andersen: ❤️

Zach Arbogast:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10210809280810555 Zach Arbogast

Ann Powell:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10156045360808939 Ann Powell

Steph Jones: Congrats!!!

Missy Gordon:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10209458658336367 Missy Gordon

Brian Arbogast:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10212498501389998 Brian Arbogast

Nancy Lancaster Parrott:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_1963112027244267 Nancy Lancaster Parrott

Steph Jones:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10213696134865075 Steph Jones

Stephanie Lowe:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10211348571455573 Stephanie Lowe

Stephanie Lowe: Sounds like a great weekend!

Kathleen Johnson:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10214704471555153 Kathleen Johnson

Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast: 20 inches. 🙂

Patricia Mowery:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10159710009235594 Patricia Mowery

Carla Haymaker Bright: Woohoo, on to Masters. The ADCH is coming!

Carla Haymaker Bright: Congrats! I loved Snooker back in the day, once I figured it out! LOL what height does Samba jump?

Shannon Jones:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10214342671070371 Shannon Jones

Angie Anderson:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_498801667160534 Angie Anderson

Kathy Doyle Jones: ❤️

Lisa Gdowski:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10214644304684152 Lisa Gdowski

Angelica DeMont: So proud of you!! Remember you can borrow Sparxx ANYTIME to get her started!!!!

Carla Haymaker Bright: Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast and Twister will start, when?

Barbara Bray: That is what I call a fantastic weekend. So happy for you.

Barbara Bray:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_1710967472270616 Barbara Bray

Angelica DeMont: ❤️

Marcy Trader:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10210305351211530 Marcy Trader

Laura Scullin:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10210213173303012 Laura Scullin

Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast: He is only 11 months, so it will be at least 7 months til he can compete. he knows most of the obstacles — We are mostly working on containing the wiggle right now. 🙂 I think he would head straight for the judge to jump on them and give them kisses.

Leanne Benson Buzzell: Nope. Not bad at all. 😊💕

Scott Hunsinger:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_2142359702444652 Scott Hunsinger

Leanne Benson Buzzell: ❤️

Kate DeGiule: ❤️

Carla Haymaker Bright: Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast ahhhhhh I just love that boy! I’m so happy he is with ya all. Susan was always a master with placing puppies and adults in JUST the right homes.

Tammy Ross Walker: Congrats!

Tammy Ross Walker:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10204329240469238 Tammy Ross Walker

Brian Ferrand:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10212518294744378 Brian Ferrand

Lee McMains:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10156360469168888 Lee McMains

Amanda Stipe:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10214889391014379 Amanda Stipe

Dan Klyn: ❤️

Lynn Vaughn Allen: ❤️

Sheri Michael:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10215277224152000 Sheri Michael

Mitch Moorehead:,2013:10100268661038230_liked_by_10156743424867977 Mitch Moorehead

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