December 18, 2017

Samba had an amazing weekend, going 5 for 7 at the USDAA trial– her best trial ever. Love my little teammate! Thank you @Susan Moorehead for bringing Samba into my life, and thank you @Carolina Piedmont Agility for another fun trial.


Carla Haymaker Bright: Awesome!

Lisa Gdowski:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10214644304684152 Lisa Gdowski

Kasey Alpay: Awesome!! That is wonderful. Happy Holidays, Andrea!

Leanne Benson Buzzell: ❤️

Leanne Benson Buzzell: Congratulations! Way to go!

Barbara Bray:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_1710967472270616 Barbara Bray

Barbara Bray: That is awesome. You two are so good together.

Travis Knowles:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10159664454855013 Travis Knowles

Angelica DeMont: ❤️

Nancy Lancaster Parrott:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_1963112027244267 Nancy Lancaster Parrott

Gwyn Scheidt-Marie: ❤️

Marcy Trader:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10210305351211530 Marcy Trader

Gwyn Scheidt-Marie: Awesome news!!! I️ know you are over the moon happy! AND proud!

Brian Arbogast:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10212498501389998 Brian Arbogast

Kathleen Johnson:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10214704471555153 Kathleen Johnson

Sheri Michael:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10215277224152000 Sheri Michael

Valerie Blevins Yarber: ❤️

Riley Quarles:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10157316120384815 Riley Quarles

Laura Scullin:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10210213173303012 Laura Scullin

Tammy Ross Walker:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10204329240469238 Tammy Ross Walker

Lynn Vaughn Allen:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10211071166838185 Lynn Vaughn Allen

Mitch Moorehead:,2013:10100268489372250_liked_by_10156743424867977 Mitch Moorehead

Mitch Moorehead: Awesome, congratulations! I know Mom would be so proud of you and Samba and everything that you guys have accomplished!

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20171218 16698 Forgot to mention— Samba earned both her Advanced Jumpers and Advanced Snooker titles this weekend. So 5 Qs, 4 1st places, and 2 titles, and clean