December 12, 2012

Sometimes things just work themselves out

Got a letter in the mail from the AKC yesterday, saying that Samba was registered as restricted” and therefore ineligible to compete in conformation. If she had won anything, she would have had to forfeit the points and return all prizes. So I instantly went from being disappointed in her recent couple of performances to happy that we have been able to get valuable knowledge and experience without having to have anything taken away from us, and without taking anything away from competing dogs that actually had all their ducks in a row. (That is herding dog humor, btw.) She has done precisely as well as she was able to do. We will fix her registration status in time for the next showin February, which will also allow us to add her breeders as co-owners so she can compete in the Bred by Exhibitor class, which is better for all of us. Goes to show how green we are at all this– we had no intention of showing her when we got her, and didn’t even really know what that meant.

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