June 4, 2006

Collecting ammunition…

We got the green light to launch our new University web site mid-August. Some people aren’t going to like it, because they are not our target audience, and I’m done trying to please everybody. So, these words from Gerry McGovern may come in handy:

Great web management starts off with allowing the most important customers complete their most important tasks as quickly and simply as possible. Poor web management plays politics by giving a little of the homepage to every department. Poor web management tries to answer every question

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Celebrating the Skunk Now with multimedia! Here are some Quicktime videos of the critters we caught this weekend. First up, the skunk in the trap, getting a bit edgy as
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XML-RPC comes to Textpattern There is now finally a supported way to use XML-RPC with Textpattern. I am trying it out now— we’ll see how it goes. Edit: seems to be working well