November 8, 2005

Steve Krug on University Web Development

This excerpt from Steve Krug’s keynote presentation at HighEdWebDev 2005 just made my morning (via

Top 9 reasons why it s*cks to be you

  1. Corporate expectations in a non-profit budget
  2. Stakeholders who can be petty and whiney in ways that wouldn’t dare in the real world
  3. Find and implement a CMS in your spare time, and herd kittens into using it
  4. Sub-site/fiefdom hell: We want our dept/school/project to have its own character
  5. Multiple audiences
  6. Homepage death match
  7. Deans less likely to force everyone to the site-consistency line than CEOs
  8. Tons of dynamic content of variable quality and enormous importance — to its creators
  9. Cool-factor arms race to stay competitive Seems like number 3 is my task for today…

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