October 16, 2005

E-Recruitment Mastery Workshop Wrap-up

I am now home from the E-rectuitment Mastery Workshop, which was a great success. Thanks very much to the folks at LiquidMatrix and Noel-Levitz for organizing a great event, and for asking me to participate. Here is a pdf of the slides from my presentation, which I am releasing under a Creative Commons License. I’m not sure that the slides stand on their own very well, since I tend to not put a lot of what I’m saying on my slides, but you can get a general sense of the presentation from them. There was a good discussion after my talk about the benefits of providing strategic planning information to adminstrators to help them understand everything that is involved in the maintenance of University web sites. I mentioned a thread on the Uweb-d list that talked about estimating the total cost of University web sites; unfortunately, I have found that there is no easy way for me to link directly to archived threads on the list. I am going to try to get permission from the participants in the thread to republish their messages here. In the meantime, if you are interested, you can join the list or log in to your account here.
Then, search the archives for the subject line Total Cost of Web”. This will get you to the thread, which talks about potential ways to estimate the cost of a University’s web site, and has some preliminary numbers that some folks came up with. These numbers are large, and could probably help making a case for the purchase of tools or development of strategies to reduce those numbers. I also discussed the idea setting up a Web Council on campus, as a way to bring together the decentralized web developers on my campus. The idea is to meet a couple of times a semester to share resources, ideas, strategies, and generally make sure we’re on the same page and not duplicating efforts. Later on in the conference, a participant mentioned that she tried this on her campus, which has a centralized web structure, and it was a disaster. So I wanted to ask all of you out there if you have any experience with a similar type of set-up, or insights on this to share.

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