January 25, 2018

Indieweb woes

I am unsatisfied with using Wordpress for my personal site. I would like to switch to something else, but I have not figured out a way to reliably POSSE with any other system. I am not willing to use my free time to fix POSSE bugs– this is too much like working in my free time, which is something I am actively trying to get away from. It seems like every time a Wordpress indieweb plugin is updated, it breaks something on my site. Plus, I am stuck with Wordpress themes that I don’t love and a framework I don’t like working in, so I am uninspired to use the site for writing, which is supposed to be the whole point. I guess that although I have the capacity to be a Generation 1.5ish IndieWebber, I only have the interest in being a 2 or higher. I want things to just work on my personal site, so I can use it to develop the non-web aspects of my life. I am interested in using IndieWeb techniques to support my other interests, but right now I am always having to be tweaking the plumbing. Tweaking the plumbing is work (I get paid for that kind of thing at the day job) and I don’t want to work during my free time.

I think that maybe POSSE isn’t there” yet for Gen 2 users. I am very close to going back to PASTA into Day One as my main record of my social interactions. I have been using this reliably for years, using IFTT as the conduit. This would allow me to forget about POSSE requirements and set up a site that I may actually write on. It was very telling for me that when I recently had some important Facebook posts to make, I resorted to making them from within the silo rather than from my own site, because I do not trust POSSE from my site. (I have also tried Known for POSSE, but the whole likes/bookmarks issue is a disaster and a showstopper for me. It does not look like there is a fix for this coming any time soon.) So. Not sure where I am going from here, but wanted to get my thoughts out there, on my own site.

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