December 9, 2017

Beautiful service for Susan yesterday, complete with live music, snow, and lots of folks I haven’t seen in ages. I have been cuddling my dogs ever since. Hope to run some agility tomorrow to finish off the weekend. I miss you, Susan.


Stephanie Lowe: Fingers crossed that the weather holds for tomorrow!!

Kate DeGiule: ❤️

Stephanie Lowe:,2013:10100265707092960_liked_by_10211348571455573 Stephanie Lowe

Valerie Blevins Yarber:,2013:10100265707092960_liked_by_1978518318842317 Valerie Blevins Yarber

Lauren Schreiber:,2013:10100265707092960_liked_by_10155556708362655 Lauren Schreiber

Brian Arbogast: ❤️

Kathy Doyle Jones:,2013:10100265707092960_liked_by_10155845495537641 Kathy Doyle Jones

Carla Haymaker Bright: Great seeing you, Andrea.

Barbara Bray:,2013:10100265707092960_liked_by_1710967472270616 Barbara Bray

Patricia Mowery: ❤️

Barbara Bray: Great lady. She will be missed.

Sara Remley Andersen: ❤️

Jason Hatch:,2013:10100265707092960_liked_by_811456045694828 Jason Hatch

Tammy Ross Walker: ❤️

Marcy Trader:,2013:10100265707092960_liked_by_10210305351211530 Marcy Trader

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