December 8, 2017

Remember when I used to have a blog? All that content is now online again– all my articles since 2003. Still have some cleanup to do, but it has already been valuable for me.


Snook:,2013:938936541786800128_favorited_by_12591 Snook snookca

Glenda Sims:,2013:938936541786800128_favorited_by_32823 Glenda Sims goodwitch

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20171206 16263 RIP Patty. Your love of life is an inspiration, and you will always have a special place in my heart. Brian Arbogast: ❤️ Dawn Goley: ❤️ Kate
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20171208 16592 Rain is appropriate for today, but I wish I didn’t have to drive 5 hours in it…