December 6, 2017

RIP Patty. Your love of life is an inspiration, and you will always have a special place in my heart.


Brian Arbogast: ❤️

Dawn Goley: ❤️

Kate DeGiule: Oh Andrea, I’m so sorry.

Jenny Lynn Hutchinson: ❤️

Steve-Jan Frank: 😢

Victoria Cross:,2013:10100264857440670_liked_by_1577065735704206 Victoria Cross

Ralph Brandi: 😢

Lauren Schreiber: 😢

Ernie Kelsey:,2013:10100264857440670_liked_by_1687257941330707 Ernie Kelsey

Gwyn Scheidt-Marie: 😢

Anne Wilson:,2013:10100264857440670_liked_by_10212875797562185 Anne Wilson

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