December 30, 2017

Twister’s toy drive is so high that he got mud from his paw on my forehead jumping to get the toy. I have a lot to learn, since all my other dogs have been all about the food!


Kate DeGiule: Isn’t it fun?!

Jason Hatch:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_811456045694828 Jason Hatch

Stephanie Lowe: 😮

Brian Arbogast:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10212498501389998 Brian Arbogast

Reggie Moorehead:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_104594300343780 Reggie Moorehead

Beth Ensign Shepherd:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10213716381691212 Beth Ensign Shepherd

Shannon Jones:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10214342671070371 Shannon Jones

Leanne Benson Buzzell: 😆

Sara Remley Andersen:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10211156055877384 Sara Remley Andersen

Valerie Blevins Yarber: 😆

Steve-Jan Frank:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_1996736753905192 Steve-Jan Frank

Steph Jones: 😮

Patricia Mowery:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10159710009235594 Patricia Mowery

Angelica DeMont:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10211844954974253 Angelica DeMont

Barbara Bray: You can do it.

Barbara Bray:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_1710967472270616 Barbara Bray

Gwyn Scheidt-Marie: Well, teach a bounce off your chest Trick !

Angie Anderson:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_498801667160534 Angie Anderson

Kasey Alpay:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10154912009142116 Kasey Alpay

Kathy Doyle Jones: 😆

Sheri Michael:,2013:10100272163798670_liked_by_10215277224152000 Sheri Michael

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