December 2, 2017

RIP, Susan, my friend. You gave me so much, and I will always be grateful.


Sarah Gahman: I’m very sorry, Andrea. Thinking of you. ❤️

Beb Badenoch:,2013:10100262993401220_liked_by_10215074105190923 Beb Badenoch

Peter Kontos: ❤️

Sheri Michael:,2013:10100262993401220_liked_by_10215277224152000 Sheri Michael

Kate DeGiule: I’m so sorry.

Tammy Ross Walker: So sorry for your loss Andrea

Sara Remley Andersen: So sorry Andrea……

Ralph Brandi: 😢

Sara Remley Andersen: 😢

Stephanie Lowe: So sorry for your loss, I know she was a special person in your life!

Stephanie Lowe: 😢

Steph Jones: 😢

Angelica DeMont: 😢

Marcy Trader:,2013:10100262993401220_liked_by_10210305351211530 Marcy Trader

Victoria Cross: Love.

SandieandArt Goodwin: 😢

Steve-Jan Frank: 😢

Leanne Benson Buzzell: ❤️

Makya Ann Jackson:,2013:10100262993401220_liked_by_867340910087763 Makya Ann Jackson

Kate DeGiule: ❤️

Brian Arbogast: 😢

Nancy Lancaster Parrott:,2013:10100262993401220_liked_by_1963112027244267 Nancy Lancaster Parrott

Jodi Dovel:,2013:10100262993401220_liked_by_10207942025348365 Jodi Dovel

Mitch Moorehead: ❤️

Barbara Bray: So so sorry. Thinking of you.

Laura Scullin: Sorry for your loss

Lynn Ennis Ellis: 😢

Gwyn Scheidt-Marie: I’m sorry Andrea… 💖

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