December 10, 2017

I seriously never thought I’d be a morning person. Thanks, Twister.


Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast: Yep, same here :)

Kate DeGiule: I’m a forced morning person because of Faith.

Barbara Bray:,2013:10100265916089130_liked_by_1710967472270616 Barbara Bray

Steve-Jan Frank:,2013:10100265916089130_liked_by_1996736753905192 Steve-Jan Frank

Rachel Hanson:,2013:10100265916089130_liked_by_10156216611637446 Rachel Hanson

Ann Powell: Same here! Thanks Matilda! 🐶😊

Brian Arbogast: 😆

Michelle Dickens:,2013:10100265916089130_liked_by_10214976345588858 Michelle Dickens

Dawn Goley:,2013:10100265916089130_liked_by_10155926523665439 Dawn Goley

Victoria Cross:,2013:10100265916089130_liked_by_1577065735704206 Victoria Cross

Lauren Schreiber: Us to with Chip!

Carla Haymaker Bright: Hehehe! Susan’s got a BIG grin on her face. I can see it!

Tammy Ross Walker:,2013:10100265916089130_liked_by_10204329240469238 Tammy Ross Walker

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