November 30, 2017

A clarification: I believe in the principles of #indiweb and am trying to get something set up. This is not the first time I have tried, but it is the first time I have asked for help and engaged the community, and I am finding it very welcoming. I am frustrated, because I am having issues with many things, including joining the irc channel via Slack (email never came). I am not a newbie to web development, but am feeling like one.


Aaron Parecki: Sorry to hear the Slack invite isn’t working! I didn’t see anything wrong on my end, but I can try adding you manually! Send me your email address and let’s try it that way:

Chris Aldrich:,2013:936038561215909894_favorited_by_13645402 Chris Aldrich ChrisAldrich

andrea: Thanks Aaron! I just tried joining via Slack again and it went through fine this time, so I am all set. I appreciate your help.

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