June 7, 2014

Dog Tales, June 6

Today is day 10 of Samba’s heat cycle. Up through yesterday I thought we might be able to get away with the 3 dogs not being separated this time. Samba went to class and did fine, and she was acting pretty normal around her siblings all day.

But then this morning as I sat down to work, I hear Samba come walking down the hall putting out a series of low growls, followed by a big old goofy Wallace not heeding the growls at all. So right then I put Samba in the bedroom and got ready for a week of separation. She is clearly acting differently then yesterday, and I can tell she is very uncomfortable, poor thing. I guess it is a good thing we withdrew from the Moore County KC agility trial this weekend. That could have been a huge disaster. 

Didn’t do any training today– we all need a day to adjust to this new routine.

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Dog Tales, June 7 Started training “back” with Samba, which is walking backwards. Harder than it sounds. The goal is to getting her baking up onto contacts to hit her