April 29, 2008

Oh Hai.

Yes, I have been neglecting this site for a while. This time I have a valid excuse, though — major life changes are afoot. Most of you that are still reading this probably know that we have decided to move to Wilmington, NC this summer. Bri was offered an incredible position at UNCW, and we decided that we are ready for the next step in our lives. Our families are all on the east coast, and these 9 years on the west coast have taken their toll on both the emotions and the budget as we try to keep up with them. Plus, although we both love living in Humboldt County, HSU has fallen on hard times and we both feel like we have achieved what we can there. We made the decision to make the move the week after SXSW, and life has been a whirlwind since then. We have our house on the market, and are trying to balance selling it with buying a new place in NC. And I am trying to find a job so that in case we can’t sell the house before we have to move we won’t end up in the poorhouse. Plus, I have been dealing with transitioning out of my job here — I am too responsible to leave HSU hanging, so I have been working hard to wrap up some projects and pass the torch on to the next web manager. It is amazing how hard it is to sell your house. Much harder than buying one. There is the complication of keeping it clean all the time for showings and open houses, especially when it it is spring in the temperate rain forest, and therefore raining, and you have two dogs that love the mud more than just about anything else. Except for the beef bones we got from the butcher, which they keep trying to bring into the house. There is also the complication of having to detach yourself emotionally from the place that you’ve spent 6 years making your own, and of not being offended that everyone in the world doesn’t think this is the greatest place they’ve ever seen. And there is the denial that you are going to have to actually pack everything up and leave this place behind, which is always lurking right under the surface. And the complication that you can’t really buy a new place until you sell this one, which leads to many stressful nights as offer after offer on a new place gets refused because no one wants to enter into a contract that is contingent on the buyer selling their house in this real estate market that is in the shitter, Not to mention the week it took to clean out the garage. So. That is what is up. I will be in Wilmington somehow by mid-August at the latest. My last day at HSU will be sometime in June. I’m not sure what I will be doing work-wise after that. If you have ideas or offers, let me know! :)

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