October 12, 2006

You flicker and you’re beautiful

Ok, this has been bugging me for years now. Am I the only one that hears The Cure every time I hear or read the name Flickr?

Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr
Here you are
Cata cata cata cata cata cata cata cata
Caterpillar girl

At first I loved being reminded of this song all the time, because it has always been one of my favorites. And I want someone to dust my lemon lies with powder pink and sweet. After a while, though, it started getting a bit old. But last night I heard the original again and realized that my brain wasn’t even close to doing it justice. So I’ll keep encouraging it to glow inside my head and hold me hypnotized, mesmerized…

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