September 30, 2006

Changes in the air

So, I have been trying out Vox for a couple of weeks, and I have to say that I’m impressed. The interface is really nice, and makes it a snap to add photos, video, audio, and books to your posts. It also allows you to control who can see an individual post— you can restrict access to friends, family, or friends & family. This is the most important aspect for me— I have been finding that there are things I want to write about that are not really relevant to anyone but my family, and that I don’t want to have out there flying around and getting indexed by Google. The easy listing and rating of books is also great for me— I read every night and have been wanting a way to easily catalog and discuss what I’m reading. The templates are fun, and use CSS for layout with somewhat semantic classes and ids. It is kind of a relief to be able to just write and not focus on design or functionality of the site, as well— I do enough of that during the day job, and I’m finding it really nice to just focus on writing. I have been thinking about my career a lot lately— where it’s going, where I want it to go, and how to get there. One of the steps I may be taking is moving the personal posts off of this blog and making it a more professional site, able to morph into a site for my business if things go that way. So for a while at least all the personal stuff will be found on my Vox site, Graceful Degradation, while I test out this idea. One great thing is that I am also able to cross-post my Jangly Ganglia posts from there, so I only have to blog in two places, and my three readers can have one-stop shopping on Vox if they want. So, check me out on Vox. And, let me know if you want a Vox invitation— I have a few.

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