August 22, 2006

Launched: New HSU site

Just a quick announcement that I recently launched a redesign of the Humboldt State University main site. This pretty much explains most of my silence for the past month or two. The new site focuses on recruiting, which is a major goal of the university at this point, and has been in development for over 6 months. Highlights include:

  • Back end powered by ExpressionEngine. This is a departure from my usual Textpattern; unfortunately our server configuration won’t work with the newest TXP version.
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, everywhere but where I had to tied into legacy systems. I am slowly working on fixing those.
  • Standards-based CSS layout (of course)
  • Kick-ass photos from our campus photographer
  • A new virtual tour where we got our feet wet with Flash
  • Better semantics, and a much more efficient back end structure
  • Writing from our Public Affairs department— up until now I’ve had to scrape together the content myself, and it showed
  • Thickbox used for supplemental stories for banner photos
  • User editable quick links I will be writing more on some of the specifics in the near future, but for now, enjoy.

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