March 17, 2006

SXSW wrap up

Still trying to process my thoughts on this year’s conference. It was great, in a totally different way than last year’s conference. I met so many more folks this year, which was a good thing for me, but was also a lot of work. Last year I focused more on the panels and less on the networking, but still managed to get a ton of inspiration and a few great friends out of it. This year I had many more conversations with many more folks, but most of them were only a few minutes long. We’ll see how many of these turn in to great friendships, but there are a few that I hope will.

The Requisite Namedropping

Here are the folks I met up with, in alphabetical order: Andy, Anton, Chip, Chris, Cindy, Craig, David, Derek, Elaine, Elly, Eric, Faruk, Glenda, Geert, Jason, Jeremy, Jon, Jonathan, Kenneth, Matt from UT, Matthew, Meri, Patrick, Rob, Rob, Scott, Steve, Veerle, Yvonne, and Zach. If I missed you, don’t take it personally— it is all still a blur.

My Favorite Moments

The real gems happened away from the conference: tapas with Chris, watching bats with Glenda and Rob, giving some Humboldt Fog to Jon. There was also when Jeremy sat next to me during a panel and then told me he liked my site afterwords. And that vision of Rob going up the escalator to the Web Awards will stay with me for a while. I pretty sure I told Jason I thought his shoes were lickable, too. Plus, there were about 50 hugs from Faruk, a great conversation with Veerle, and Anton gave me an awesome bird illustration. I think I may have learned some stuff, too. All in all, I’d say it was a success. I have that post-conference buzz again, and have tons of ideas of things I want to do. Hopefully this will all lead to a burst of productivity. For now, I’m going to focus on catching up on my sleep… That’s one thing I didn’t do too much of.

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