January 28, 2006

You Know it’s a Good Potluck When…

  • Someone brings Spam and crackers on a china plate, and a 40 oz bottle of Miller High Life (I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of this)
  • Some people (not you) actually eat some spam and crackers
  • You end up with more wine than you started with
  • The dog only growled at the right people
  • The kids didn’t break anything
  • It only took an hour to find the remote after the kids left
  • You didn’t have to spend the whole time pretending to eat one of the kids’ toes (although he would have liked you to)
  • You end up with some leftovers you actually don’t mind eating
  • You have to stay home sick for the next two days, but not because you have a hangover
  • The house is still cleaner after the potluck than it was before you cleaned it for the potluck
  • Someone actually drank the rest of the generic grape soda you have been trying to pawn off at the potlucks for about 2 years
  • Anthony has a good time
  • Anthony admits he had a good time

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