June 14, 2005

OK, now I’m really gone

I’m flying out for Alaska tomorrow morning, and it can’t come fast enough. It’s really, really disturbing to me how hard it has become to rip myself away from this computer. Part of it is this weekend’s hullabaloo and my obsessive need to make sure nobody over at John’s site has tried to rip me a new one. But that’s only part of it. Even when there’s nothing new to read, I can’t log off. And I can’t focus enough to get any real work done. I can’t account for where the time is going— I’m not playing games or surfing ebay (not even to bid on the socks). I’m just being sucked into some weird NetNewsWire vortex. And no offense, but no one really says anything so important that I need jump on it the instant it pops up. Anyway, I’m shutting down this computer now, and I going to not turn it on before my flight tomorrow, even if it kills me. I’ll be back June 22. If you want something to read in the meantime, please read this and add your comments. That article kind of got glossed over this weekend, and it’s really more important than all that other stuff that happened. Later!

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