May 7, 2005

Today I’m Famous

I spent this morning speaking on a panel at a local technology forum, and achieving a slightly unsettling expert status among local high school students. It actually turned out to be great fun, with lots of interesting questions and perspectives. I was a good 10 years younger than the others on the panel, which gave me a kind of street cred with the audience. That, and I didn’t wear a suit. I made my way back into work to find that my interview with Karine from had been published. So now I am experiencing high blog traffic (for me, anyway). Welcome, new readers! An update on the status of Part 3 of Why Most University Web Sites Suck: it is in the works. Some turmoil at work and my dog getting surgery has set me back a bit. I was hoping to get it out before the interview, but sometimes life just happens. Things are moving forward now. Expect it in a week or two.

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