May 19, 2005

University Web Pros: What’s Your Dream Project?

Students have graduated and summer is upon us, so I thought it was a good time to take the imagination out for a spin. Here’s the scenario: For the course of one project, the University web site fairy godmother has granted you full control. You can manage the project any way you see fit, and staffing, money, politics, institutional inertia, technical resources, and any other common barriers are not an issue. The only stipulation is that the project must be for the University web site. What is the project that you would do? What is your dream project, that you think would greatly improve your University web site, but you can’t get off the ground due to some of the above barriers? What is the one project that you would love to do? I’ll add mine to the comments later in the day, but I don’t want to bias the direction of the conversation. You can leave your answer here, or write it on your own site and leave a reference to it in the comments. Have fun!

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