April 25, 2005

Back Among the Living

I just spent the better part of three days out of commission with some sort of stomach virus. The highlight was sprinting into the corner store to buy Immodium and a half-gallon of Gatorade, and thinking it would be great if just this once I didn’t run into anyone I know. Now that I am re-hydrated, I must confess that there are some parts of these bed-ridden holidays that I enjoy, such as:

  1. Total justification for watching four hours of I Love the 80s” in a row (1984-1987), followed by a much deserved nap.
  2. The half-asleep, half-delirious dreams during these heavily medicated naps on the couch. My favorite this time was uncovering a treasure-trove of rare exotic spices for loan from the public library, which are hidden just behind all the books and available only to those who are crafty enough to figure out that they are there.
  3. The cat curled up beside me, purring as loud as she can for hours on end to make me feel better.
  4. Losing five pounds the healthy easy fast way.
  5. How great that shower feels when I can finally stand up for ten minutes in a row again, and
  6. That secret little buzz from the happy pills when I take them for the first time in three days. So, I am back online. I have two articles half-written and a surprise coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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