September 12, 2004


Ok, I’m going to start posting more regularly now. I spent yesterday hooking up a router and upgrading Bri’s laptop to OS X so that we can have a wireless connection. This is supposed to enable us to at least stay in the same room with each other while we’re online/working. We’ll see how it goes. At least it doesn’t seem quite as antisocial. I am working on the gallery that I promised, and I have some real gems. Just got to get the backend set up, so that all of you can participate in my biggest pet-peeve. I know you can’t wait. Formatting is still a bit off in the comments and article pages, and the design’s not quite done overall, but i need to get posting or else this blog will die like the last one. So, it will all come together eventually.

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What I’m working on now Just got this beta up Friday for Freshmen Admissions Day. For some reason, I’m really digging this site. Maybe because it came together so fast—
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new year, new goals, new site (again…) OK. My New Year’s resolution is to turn this blog into something I’m proud of. I’ve come to terms with the fact that writing is kind of painful for