August 30, 2004

1 step back, 2 steps forward…

As you can see, I scrapped the old design. I just wasn’t feeling it. I kept trying to improve it, and it kept getting muddier and muddier. So I spent this afternoon stripping all the styles and working on the structure. I wasn’t going to even deal with design until I gave it a rest for a while. Then, when I was about to stop, I had a burst of inspiration and had to get it down before I lost it. So there you go. I ended up spending 3 times as long as I intended, and I haven’t eaten for hours. I love this feeling.

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getting closer about 3/4 done now.
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Eye-Tracking Study The Poynter Institute published a fascinating eye-tracking study last week, that shows how users see and use news sites. It’s nice to see some