August 3, 2004

new digs

doingfine is now interllectual. I decided that the reason I haven’t been writing was twofold:

  1. movabletype was too clunky and frustrating, and
  2. I needed a site name I could really get behind. doingfine always seemed like a cheesy name to me, and the original premise, although important, just wasn’t inspiring. Interllectual is a much better name for these reasons:

  3. it exemplifies my cutting wit
  4. it gives a nod to my job, which is managing the internet (OK really the web, but webllectual wasn’t as funny) for an intellectual institution
  5. it makes fun of all the academic wonks and self-proclaimed intellectuals I work with everyday (I include myself in this group, but I’m smarter that all them other guys…)
  6. it embraces my biggest pet-peeve, which is spelling things wrong on purpose, especially for marketing (qwick, lite, nite, etc…)
  7. it has many other meanings if you really think about it Hopefully it will spark me on toward posting more often. If nothing else, I get to redesign again. Expect this bare-bones install to start looking groovy in the next couple of weeks.

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