August 15, 2004

It lives…

Humboldt State University’s new site went live last night at 8:45 pm.

…and the fit hits the shan

I got my first comment at 9:10 pm, entitled Horrible Website!!!!! , which stated that it looks like a ghetto junior college”. I have since received 5 more messages, all of them complaints from people within the institution, all with high-handed holier-than-thou language. One of them discusses a serious navigation flaw”, and goes on to explain how I should add particular navigation path, which would be helpful if it didn’t already exist. It also suggests I look at current web development standards”… wonder if these are the same ones I spend researching, utilizing, and teaching about every day at work? It always amazes me how people within an institute of higher learning fight change tooth and nail. This is the design some people actually want to keep. screenshot of old design

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reinvented, redefined; … rearranged but not refined (to paraphrase Phish) The design is coming soon. Some features to look forward to: The Interllectual Gallery, wherein
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Half done. The good news is that the design is half finished. The bad news is that the design is half finished. I have to tear myself away from this machine