December 31, 2003

good riddance 2003

Today while the world is busy compliling Best Of” lists for 2003, I want to take some time to say Good riddance 2003, we can’t get rid of you fast enough”. This year didn’t have many redeeming qualities for me and Brian. Although it did have some high points, such as the birth of Stella (the cutest baby ever), overall it started off really bad and never got much better. Here, so that we con look back on it later whenever we think things aren’t going well, is the list of the top ten things we’re glad to leave behind in 2003:

  1. finding out Brian had cancer
  2. finding out Brian had a pulmonary embolism as well as a blood clot in his leg that could have ended his life at any second
  3. the four days Brian had to spend in the hospital on bed rest so that he didn’t throw the clot in his leg and die
  4. Brian’s chemotherapy
  5. Brian’s radiation
  6. me trying to work through the above 5 so that we could still make the payments on our brand new house
  7. the roof of the brand new house leaking at least 5 places during the time that Brian was going through treatment
  8. the infected cyst Brian had to get lanced and I had to change the dressing on every day for 6 weeks during his treatment
  9. the cat’s bladder infection that caused her to piss down the heat registers, filling the house with a wonderful aroma whenever the heat goes on
  10. my sister’s sprained ankle, car accident, and health problems we won’t expand on here. This isn’t even mentioning the bone marrow biopsy, the insertion of the port-a-cath, the state of California’s budget crisis, the Blackboard upgrade, me giving 9 training sessions in 5 days during Brian’s treatment, etc., etc. … We’ve decided that the new year is the turning point— it’s time to tie all this up in a neat little bundle and toss it out behind us and never look back.

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