October 27, 2003

new toys

Well, I am enjoying my new toys. Panther is elegant, and I’m finally satisfied with my mail client. Mail 1.3’s threading is even better than what I’ve seen in other apps. Exposé is going to make my life a lot easier, especially when developing web sites. I tend to have about 50 windows open at once while I’m working on a site, and now it will be much easier to switch between them. Together with font book (finally a way to manage fonts without paying out the nose for it!), designing sites should be a lot more efficient. The new version of Safari, 1.1, is the biggest surprise for me so far. They seem to have worked a lot of the rendering bugs out, and it is now supporting pretty much any CSS I can throw at it. Hopefully they will make it available to everyone, so you don’t need to buy a new operating system to get it. That sounds like the other OS manufacturer we all hate… Natalie had a really fun baby shower, and talk about new toys… Both the mom and the baby will be having lots of fun with the new loot. Can’t wait to meet the little tyke!

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