October 19, 2003


Well, I broke down yesterday and ordered Panther. I will have a lighter wallet, but I’m a sucker for new software. I’m hoping that it will be athe answer to all my mail woes. Plus, the fast user switching sould finally convince Brian not to clutter up my desktop with all his junk (yeah, right). Anyway, I will be watching my mailbox closely on the 24th. And I’ll probably be up late installing and playing. In other news, I haven’t posted much lately beacuse in the past 2 weeks I’ve been home sick for 4 days and in West Virginia for 4 days. So I have a lot of reading and posing to catch up on. On the up side, Billy is married, in what must be tha largest wedding I’ve ever been to, and Becca and Scott are parents to Simon. The world has been busy.

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Verisign signs off I looks like Verisign’s plans to take over the web have been thwarted (at least temporarily) by ICANN. Since September 19th, if you made a typo
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new toys Well, I am enjoying my new toys. Panther is elegant, and I’m finally satisfied with my mail client. Mail 1.3’s threading is even better than what