September 7, 2003

behind the scenes…

I am doing a lot of work behind the scenes, getting all the MT (Movable Type) templates styled. I will then move on to linking up the rest of the stuff in the sidebar, and building out some of the supporting pages for this site. I am having trouble getting this page to validate; I keep getting an error stating cannot generate system identifier for general entity entry_id”. I need to do some research to figure out why the template markup isn’t validating. Any info on this from you old hats out there would be great. I am having fun playing with Pixy’s no preload rollovers , and I have implemented them on the index page of this site. So far I am really liking them, and they are solving one of the barriers to getting my colleagues to accept CSS rollvers in general. It’s hard to get people to embrace learning something new, even when we’re all working in the context of academia where this kind of thing is encouraged…

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