August 31, 2003

new toy, new design, new outlook

I have redesigned the main page of this blog. I haven’t had a chance to do extensive browser testing yet, so let me know if there are problems for you. There are some dead links on the left, which I set up as placeholders for what’s to come. I will be working on these as well as styling the rest of the templates in the days to come. I’m writing this on my new Titanium Powerbook, which I am having much fun setting up and configuring. So far I am very pleased with it, although I’m not used to the smaller keyboared yet, and I keep hitting the caps lock instead of the a” key. I expect I’ll get this worked out in a couple of days. I am now much more mobile at work, since the campus has finally installed wi-fi in the Library and on the Quad. The brighter site reflects the new outlook on my life that I have finally been able to reach. I am taking time for myself this Labor Day weekend, something I haven’t done since Brian got sick, and which I sorely needed lest I go insane. My biology doesn’t really allow me to thrive under the massive amounts of stress and pressure I’ve been under both at home and at work. After a day and 1/2 of my self-imposed three day isolation from most outside influences, I seem to be doing much better. It feels good to get the creative juices flowing again and not just struggle to keep my head above water.

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