January 1, 1970

This is officially my last post about the designing and redesigning of this blog. It is starting to become a blog about a blog. I am finally happy enough with it to call it Version 1.0. There are still some tweaks to be made here and there, and some content to fill in (namely the About and Portfolio pages), but it’s pretty much done. There are a few major things going on that I want to point out.

The Animals

I used to be a biologist. I actually have a Master’s degree in Biology. I did my thesis on the behavioral ecology of Masked and Blue-footed Boobies (please refrain from the juvenile jokes— I’ve heard them all), and did a couple of side projects with albatrosses. Then, life took a turn and I somehow became a web designer. And then I became webmaster (whatever that means). But I still have an interest in biology (and in a certain biologist). This site design is a nod to my roots and a way to keep that past as part of my present. The featured animals are all ones I hope to someday see in their natural habitat. Zoos don’t count. Some of them are very common critters I just haven’t happened to spot yet, and some will take a major excursion and a lot of luck to ever see. Anything it’s not possible to see (sasquatch, ivory-billed woodpeckers, dodos) also don’t make the list. The color schemes come from photos of the animals and are accurate. The images come from old scientific illustrations and are highly stylized. Right now there are 5 featured animals, but soon there will be more.

The Site Design

The site relies heavily on pngs, and therefore if you use a browser that doesn’t support them, you will be missing out on some of the subtlety. Oh well. This is my personal site, and I get to do what I want. I also use some CSS 3 properties, because this is the one place where I can. I haven’t tested the design in any IE browsers yet, so if it looks like a jumble of crap, you now know why. Someday I will fix it, but for right now I want to concentrate on the content and not on hacking my way into oblivion. I do enough of that at work. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you might want to consider trying Firefox, Safari, OmniWeb, or just about anything else. You’ll probably like the web a whole lot better.

The Meters

The meters are a way to keep me sane. They chronicle all the little things that piss me off way more than they should. Aren’t you glad I’m sharing them with you? Anyway, you can click on the meters to get more information about what they’re about.

That’s About It

There. Now it’s official. Hope you enjoy.

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