January 1, 1970

So apparently Austin is on the other side of the world. It takes 20+ hours to get there from California. I am right now sitting in the Denver airport, watching the time of my flight to Austin get moved later and later. This is shaping up to be one of my worst traveling experiences ever. After getting up at 4 am for my 6 am flight, we found out the flight was cancelled due to fog, and there are no other free flights for several days, since it’s Spring Break. (Damn students.) My only option is to drive myself 3 hours over the mountains to Redding. I got there shortly after dawn. Then I set off for San Francisco without much of a hitch. San Fran to Denver wasn’t bad; I got about an hour of sleep on the plane. But then in Denver all hell breaks loose. The plane was supposed to come from Minneapolis where apparently there is a big snow storm. The plane got diverted to Duluth to refuel, and then is supposed to go to Minneapolis and then here. Of course, by the time they get here they will be at least 3 hours late and the crew won’t be able to legally fly anymore, and we’ll have to wait while they change crews. So I’m hoping to get to SXSW by the opening session tomorrow at 2 pm. Wish me luck. Jess is picking me up at the airport so I don’t have to deal with the rental car in the middle of the night, which will be a lifesaver. I sure hope all this is worth it…

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19691231 16507 OK, it was worth it. I had some reservations about going, and then some trouble getting there, and I had a bad cold the whole time, but SXSW was
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19691231 16518 In the past month, on my drive home from work, I have watched 3 small mammals get consumed by great egrets. I’m fairly certain 2 were field mice