January 1, 1970

Being the webmaster of a University, and having to answer the webmaster@ email address, I get the joy of wading through metric tons of spam. My filter does a pretty good job with most things, but one class of spam it doesn’t deal with very well is link exchange requests. You know— the I think our sites are similar and if you link to me I’ll link to you” garbage. A word to the wise: No university webmaster is ever going to link to you because you send them an email and ask them to. I won’t even link to half the folks within the university, in a vain attempt to keep the information architecture under control. Anyway, these link exchange requests usually go straight into the trash, but the other day I received on that gave me pause. It started out like this:

I have found your website humboldt.edu by searching Yahoo for hotel california song meaning”.

Which has a special freakiness for me, because I cannot escape from Hotel California. It’s like I can check out anytime I like, but I can never leave. I hear that song at least once a week, despite my best efforts not to. This all started when I realized about a year ago that I hear Hotel California at least once on every roadtrip. You know when you get out into the middle of nowhere, and you can’t get anything on the radio but a crappy classic rock station? As soon as that happens I know I’m about to hear the Eagles. And not just any Eagles song. I decided that Hotel California was probably never off the radio; that at any point in time there is some station somewhere playing it. As soon as I started telling my friends my little theory, I started hearing it more and more. So, after receiving this particular piece of spam, I decided I had to make sure HSU wasn’t really coming up on Yahoo searches for hotel california song meaning”. I went through the first 100 results before I got bored, and saw no references to our school, thank goodness. I did, however, find way too many sites that discuss the meaning of that song. I’m not linking to any of them, because I need to free myself from this whole Hotel California thing. This is my catharsis. Thanks for listening.

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